7:30PM Wednesday, 27 March, 2019 NZST  at  Oamaru Opera House, Oamaru 9444

Mockingbird explores the often neglected subject of mental health through the use of humour, mask and music. Based on the true stories of four generations of women and their devilish alter egos, Mockingbird is a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of both postnatal psychosis and postnatal depression, which affects approximately 1 in 7 women every year.

Le Coq trained Lisa Brickell brings to life a family of characters through comedy, cabaret and mask play. Brickell weaves a tale that follows four generations of women from one family. Her portrayal of the four women is grounded in physicality and facial expressions. Accompanying Brickell on stage is the talented actor, singer and musician Siri Embla, who performs original music for the show, composed by Sarah Macombee, adding a dynamic layer of beauty and depth to this moving and insightful show.

Mockingbird is directed by Le Coq trained Ruth Dudding and acclaimed director Giovanni Fusetti from Italy. Mockingbird melts away the stigma around depression and leaves the audience with a far greater understanding of mental health issues. A hopeful and entertaining show, Mockingbird will resonate in your thoughts long after you leave the theatre.

"This is the most wonderful show, deeply moving, hysterically funny with a twist that takes you to the darkest of places and returns you to the light."
- Alex Bonham, What's Good, Auckland

"Mockingbird is a clever, sensitive exploration of mental health. Funny and moving, it sheds light on an issue that affects many people but remains taboo even in our modern society."
- Sam Baran, Sam Baran Media, Sydney

Suitable for ages 15+