10:30AM Saturday, 17 August, 2019 NZST  at  Regent Theatre, 17 The Octagon, Dunedin
Ask Dr Ruth

As her 90th birthday approaches, irrepressible Dr Ruth, the famed American sex therapist, reflects on her life and career in a film as spirited as she is.

A mere four foot seven, but feeling six feet tall, Ruth Westheimer believes she has "an obligation to live long and make a dent in this world." There's no contesting that she has done both and continues to do so. She first came to the American public's attention in 1980 with a New York radio show, Sexually Speaking, a 15-minute programme airing at midnight on Sundays. Within a few years, its popularity led to it being syndicated nationwide as the Dr Ruth Show and to Westheimer becoming a household name. As spirited as its subject, this film allows us to encounter the remarkable woman behind the phenomenon known as Dr Ruth. - SR

USA 2019
Director: Ryan White
100 minutes