Tom Rodwell - Cabaret Session

Tom Rodwell - Blues Cabaret Session Revered electric guitarist Tom Rodwell picks up a thread of wry black humour hidden within these songs of memory, loss and lust - subliminal messages from the alternative storehouse of rhythm & blues.

Rodwell's solo set begins in raw minimalist territory, transforming into exotic, hypnotic vamps - a transition that has characterised his diverse but doggedly individualistic career. Harnessing an uncanny guitar style that recalls primitive blues, gospel, funk and even calypso, Rodwell's songs discard the filigree of rock and pop - presenting instead a stripped-back rhythmic vibe that cuts to the quick.

"For me the only content of a song is the feeling," says Rodwell. "You can lose the chords, forget half the lyrics, change the melody - but you have to keep that feel and keep that pulse."
Touring internationally since 2003, Rodwell has been called upon to support the likes of Leon Russell, Derek Trucks and Trinity Roots, and to collaborate with everyone from legendary songwriter Don McGlashan to musicians in the worlds of avant-garde jazz and psychedelia.

Recorded in London on 1" tape, Rodwell's critically acclaimed album of 19th century spirituals and work songs, Live Humble, followed the release of a wax cylinder recorded in Sheffield, England. Nearing completion, his new record was tracked entirely on 2" tape at Auckland's Roundhead Studios.

Metro: "Soul-probing...raw, avant-garde improvisations."

NME: "Tom Rodwell is Sheffield's answer to Lightnin' Hopkins."
Derek Trucks: "Beautiful tunes, beautiful groove. You don't hear that anymore."
Radio NZ: "There's a beautiful sort of Yin and Yang at work in Rodwell's music. His voice and guitar seem to be in a constant dialogue with one another, one taking over as the other steps back, and vice-versa. "

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